Fasmatech Science and Technology (short FAST) SA/Greece was founded in Athens, Greece in 2010, and an additional European office was established in Oxford, UK in Jan 2016. Fasmatech is a high technology SME focused on mass spectrometry and ion mobility instrumentation design and development for environmental and life sciences applications with a particular focus on the development of the Omnitrap® platform and applications in top down proteomics. Fasmatech has a steady-growing interdisciplinary R&D team currently employing 14 scientists (4PhDs, 3MScs, and PhD-Msc candidates) connecting many different branches of science including TOF and ion trap mass spectrometry, ion mobility instrumentation, ion optical theory, numerical methods for ion tracing, Monte Carlo methods, ion-molecule collision theory, computational gas dynamics, aeronautics engineering and flow visualization techniques, mechanical, electronics, software engineering and more recently bioinformatics.

Role in Ariadne VIBE

Fasmatech is the project coordinator and responsible for the development of key aspects of the proposed instrumentation platform, including the proton transfer reaction (PTR) particle transfer interface and the electron scattering TOF detector. Fasmatech will extend the rectangular RF technology developed for the Omnitrap platform to a new quadrupole analyzer design with filtering capabilities in the “real” ultra-high mass range.

The breath sampling interface is an essential aspect of the project and Fasmatech will utilize the extensive know-how to support the development efforts of Fossil Ion Technology. Fasmatech will be responsible for CFD computations and particle tracing algorithms to ensure transportation of vuris particles is accomplished with the maximum possible efficiency.

Fasmatech will participate in the integration and testing of the CDMS in the ARIADNE platform, offering its extensive experience in ion optical designs and related experimental methods.

Fasmatech’s award winning Omnitrap technology is ideally suited for the top down characterization of high mass ions. The ARIADNE project will offer an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the unique tandem MS capabilities of this technology to viruses, with a great potential of providing an unprecedented level of information on specific virus variants. Fasmatech will also support this direction with an additional platform provided to the Heinrich Pette Institute for coupling to an Q-Exactive UHMR platform.

Fasmatech is Coordinator and manager of the project and will be monitoring hardware, software and applications development efforts, ensuring smooth communication between all partners of the ARIADNE consortium. Fasmatech will be also responsible for organizing & documenting consortium and steering group meetings as well as submitting the interim and final reports.

Fasmatech will lead the exploitation, dissemination and communication activities of the project, including monitoring of the IP generation & strategic planning and will also co-ordinate all consortium efforts towards media coverage, publications and relevant scientific meetings.