A summary of the R&D activities of the ARIADNE consortium covering the period from June 2022 to November 2023 is provided in this Intermediate Technical Report. The Technical part of the project comprises 30 deliverables distributed over five work packages (WPs). There are two additional WPs concerned with Management & Coordination, and with Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation. The objective in each of the Technical WPs covers a wide range of topics including: (1) the development of a novel breath analyzer interface for sampling and ionization of aerosol particles, (2) the design and construction of the ARIADNE prototype MS platform, (3) the development of a novel Charge Detection MS equipped with advanced FT-based signal processing tools and methods, (4) by utilization of beyond-state-of-the-art hardware developed by the Consortium for advancing Top Down MS and (5) Single-cell based proteomics workflows applied to the analysis of single bacteria and viruses. Three technical deliverables were completed and presented in the first period (D3.1, D3.3, D5.1) while an additional seven technical deliverables (D1.3, D3.2, D3.4, D3.5, D4.1, D5.2, D5.3) are produced and described in detail in this second intermediate Report. Progress on all the delayed deliverables is carefully outlined in the respective WPs in Section 1.2 while Deviations are discussed in more detail in Section 5.1. It is noted that many of the delayed deliverables are close to completion. Breakthrough results are already produced, specifically, single pass FT-CDMS detection of particles, and identification of proteins using single bacterium proteomics workflows. In addition, the first omnitrap upgrade of a Q-Exactive UHMR has been completed and first top-down experiments with a protein complex have been performed successfully. Furthermore, a preconcentrating device, part of the breath analysis interface operating at a ratio of 10:1 interface is demonstrated experimentally.