Fossil Ion Technology (short FIT) will be participating in FET for the first time. FIT is a high technology SME focusing on the development of mass spectrometry and ion mobility instrumentation systems applied to life sciences. FIT’s flagship product is SUPER SESITM, a high efficiency Secondary Electro-Spray Ionization system specifically designed to analyze the chemical composition of human breath in real time and with high resolution mass spectrometry. FIT serves life-science and clinical researchers, including the ETH-Zurich, the University Hospitals and the Children Hospitals of Basel and Zurich (Switzerland), the Instituto Tumori (Italy), Philip Morris International, the Ohio State Univ. (USA), the Universities of Jinan and Sun Yat Sen (China), and RWTH Aachen University (Germane), among others.

Role in Ariadne VIBE

FIT will lead the ‘ Breath sampling interface & ESI‘ , where it will develop a new interface to ensure that the new instrument is properly interfaced with a normally breathing person, that the interface with the exhaling person is comfortable and enables an efficient collection of viral particles, breath samples are properly handled, and that viral particles are efficiently concentrated and transmitted to the MS at the conditions required by the MS system.

The breath sampling interface will deliver viral particles into the PTR. To ensure that the two systems are properly interfaced, FIT will assist on the design of Ariadne’s ionization source, and the integration between the two systems.